Gary’s Chair Introduction to the International Taiji and Qigong Federation (ITQF).

On behalf of the ITQF Executive Committee, I am very honoured to have the opportunity to announce our new Federation. We are at the very beginning of an ambitious venture and sincerely hope you will join us, as the ITQF will be shaped by the diversity and enthusiasm of our members.

The recent pandemic has highlighted the value and potential of Taiji and Qigong, and their usefulness in promoting good health, wellbeing and longevity. Therefore, the ITQF seeks to build a growing network of practitioners, instructors and members who will benefit from the exchange of ideas, as well as sharing and creating innovative and useful resources on Taiji and Qigong. The ITQF will work diligently to establish international links and opportunities for our members, including a lively calendar full of events, seminars, competitions, courses, gradings and accreditation for instructors and competition judges.

The ITQF is an independent body, established to extensively promote Taiji and Qigong. For many of us, these Chinese arts play an important part in our lives and we continue to experience the myriad benefits, discipline and joys of individual and group practice. Respected practitioners, whether dedicated to a particular style and teacher or those with various practices, who wish to contribute, enjoy, share and develop their Taiji and Qigong, can interact in our global forums and events as part of a thriving likeminded community of enthusiasts of all styles, lineages and experience of all levels.

The ITQF aims:


  • An international representative body for Taiji and Qigong.
  • Committed to providing all members with extensive and diverse opportunities for development across the globe.
  • A professional, transparent and supportive Federation that works collaboratively with individual members, organizations, authorities and bodies.
  • Inspire fresh ideas and actions, respecting our heritage as we encourage innovative methods and insights.

Benefits of ITQF membership include:

  • Be part of a forward-looking international advisory body that shares best practice, provides opportunities and creates helpful resources for Taiji and Qigong.
  • A regular Federation Newsletter, magazine, videos, a directory listing of all the instructor members worldwide, discounts on events.

We are an ambitious Federation building a worldwide advisory board and membership on Taiji & Qigong, creating alliances internationally with individuals and organisations that have a common interest in promoting and developing Taiji and Qigong for the benefit of all.

We hope you will join us to collectively maintain our cherished legacies and share the truly vibrant arts of Taiji and Qigong.

Yours faithfully,

Gary Wragg, ITQF Chair.

ITQF ~ Growing Taiji and Qigong through collaboration