After a good many years passed like this, Master Yang Lu-chan wanted to leave the capital and return to

Huang-ping district. Master Yang Lu-chan had ridden for several days, when the driver noticed that

someone was following the carriage. Feeling this was strange, he mentioned it to Master Yang Lu-chan

who raised the green oil-cloth shade behind the carriage and saw at once that the person following the

carriage was not a stranger, but was Master Wu Chuan Yau. Summoning him to the front of the carriage,

he asked him why he was following and was reluctant to part? Master Wu Chuan Yau spoke up without

any reserve and said that he wanted to return home with Master Yang Lu-chan and continue training with

him. Master Yang Lu-chan disclosed to him that after searching his heart, he clearly saw that he had

taught him as much as he could and had held nothing back. So there was really no need for him to study

further, and nor was there any need for him to remain in the capital and continue studying with Master

Yang Pan-hou. He could even teach others. After saying all this, he continued on his journey. Master Wu

Chuan Yau watched the carriage pass into the distance, and with his heart full of sadness, he returned.

After Master Wu Chuan Yau’s return to the capital, he told Master Yang Pan-hou what Master Yang Lu-

chan had said. Master Yang Pan-hou acknowledged that he could teach disciples, as he had studied the

complete Yang family system of Tai Chi Chuan, both the Big Circles and Small Circles, for ten years and

had advanced to the highest level. Obtaining Master Yang Pan-hou’s permission, Master Wu Chuan Yau

immediately resigned his military position and set about establishing a training hall to teach Tai Chi


He wanted to demonstrate that what he would teach and Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan would differ in the

following respects: First, he would only teach common people in his training hall, not Manchu princes.

Second, his style would not have Big Circle and Small Circle Divisions, but emphasize only Small Circle

Tai Chi Chuan. From this, he created a style which he called Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan.

After he established his training hall and could clearly differentiate himself from Master Yang Pan-hou,

he broke off from the Yang standard. Master Yang Pan-hou continued to teach only Manchu princes and

royal guards and only taught them Big Circle Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. Master Wu Chuan Yau, on the

contrary did not teach Manchu princes and royal guards, but only commoners; and he only taught Small

Circle Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan. Because of this, in a short time, his disciples became more numerous

than those of Master Yang Pan-hou in the royal palace.