Ambassador Appointments

Jin Yan 金艳



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The ITQF is also making links with academia and is please to announce that Jin Yan 金艳 is one of the ITQF ambassadors. Jin Yan is a lecturer of English reading and writing, with a keen interest in Taijiquan, and helping communicate Chinese Wushu to the world. She researcher in the field of culture and translation studies in the Centre for Culture and Translation Studies in the School of Foreign Languages at Chengdu Sport University. From 2017- 2018, she was a visiting researcher at the Centre for Translation Studies, UCL completing a funded research project on Sports in Cross-cultural communication and translation: An overview of the dissemination of taijiquan to Britain. She is a specialist interpreter for Taiji and Chinese Martial arts. She has authored numerous articles and led various projects relating to Taiji and Chinese Wushu including; Verification of T‘ai - Chi Ch‘uan in 1947, Development of Chinese Martial Arts in Cross-cultural Communicative Activities in the UK, Bilingual Subtitling for CCTV Sport Programs and the development of Chinese Wushu.

Leng Xian Feng 冷先锋




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The ITQF is proud to announce Master Leng Xian Feng 冷先锋 as one of our ITQF ambassadors. Master Leng brings great skill and enthusiasm to this role. He is a renowned contemporary master of Taijiquan who is accomplished in Chen, Yang, Sun, Wu and Wu styles of Taijiquan, Taiji sword and push-hands techniques. With a sixth duan in the Chinese Wushu Duanwei System, he is a referee, senior coach and examiner. Master Leng has been a diligent student of martial arts since childhood and is a 11th generation direct descendant in the lineage of Chenjiagou, the home of Taijiquan, He is an inheritor and transmitter of Intangible National Cultural Heritage. He is the student of International Taiji Master Chen Sitan, the Taiji Prince and Master Wang Erping, the head coach of the Chinese National Wushu Team.

Whilst himself a successful competitor amassing no less than 30 championships gold medals in taijiquan, taiji jian and push hands, he is also a prolific coach, coaching his students to win more than 400 gold medals in both individual and team events.

Moving to Hong Kong in 2008, he has featured in various publications such as the Chinese Taiji Celebrity Dictionary, 100 heroes of elite Chinese Martial Arts, Shenzhen Who's Who, Hong Kong Outstanding Talents. Master Leng has been retained as an honorary consultant and head coach by dozens of international organizations in the United States, Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and Indonesia. To facilitate teaching and spreading of Taiji culture, Master Leng has produced a number of DVDs and in various routines of Taijiquan and Martial Arts, both in English and Chinese.

Master Leng’s shares the ITQF’s philosophy, he teaches in the spirit of a world martial arts family, striving to create a world-wide family of Taijiquan. He promotes China's outstanding culture with the vision of making Taijiquan a popular activity throughout the world. Master Leng promotes culture, health and love to martial arts practitioners across the world, collaborating with others to promote the beautiful Taiji culture.

Luk Wai Sum 陸慧心



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The ITQF is very pleased to announce the appointment of Luk Wai Sum 陸慧心 as an ITQF Ambassador. Dr Luk was born in a medical family and has practiced martial arts since childhood. Under the influence of martial arts doctors, Dr Luk has developed a specialism in human exercise and health preservation. She is committed to seeking the integration of Chinese and Western medicine under the scientific guidance of Qigong, in order to study and cultivate the internal potential of our bodies.   

Dr. Luk received a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Taipei Medical University in 1977, obtaining the Medical Licentiate Society of Hong Kong (香港執照醫生醫學會) professional qualification in 1980. Since 2010, she has served as the vice president of the Hong Kong Medical Council Licensed Doctors Association.

In terms of martial arts, she has achieved numerous competition successes, winning three consecutive championships at the Hong Kong Open National Martial Arts Association from 1990 to 1993, as well as receiving the gold medal in traditional routines at the Hong Kong Open Martial Arts Championship. In 1991, she won the first prize in the Women's Boxing and Short Weapon category in the "First International Shaolin Wushu Festival Shaolin Cup" in Zhengzhou, China. Turning from competitor to respected competition official Dr. Luk was appointed as the A-level referee of the International Wushu Federation from 2004 to 2008, Dr Luk undertook the International Health Qigong referee training in 2009 and 2014 and has served as the chief referee and deputy chief referee of the Hong Kong Open Sanda and Qigong competitions, as well as the deputy chief referee for many, many international martial arts competitions. A passionate teacher of Chinese martial arts as well, in 2010 she was awarded the Health Qigong Teacher Training Certificate. Whilst in 2013, she was awarded the first Health Qigong Instructor Training Certificate in the Asia-Pacific Region. She is the president of the Nature Health Qigong Association Hong Kong.


Jonathan Krehm

Joined Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy in Toronto in November 1977. He is the most senior disciple of Grand Master Eddie Wu. He is President of Wu’s tai Chi Chuan Academy in Toronto.

Besides teaching at the Toronto Academy he has taught in Greece, the Ukraine, the United States, France ,and Tahiti.


Ceciel Kroes. Netherlands.



Ceciel Kroes is a professional artist who lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

She is practising tai chi chuan since 1992, Yang style lineage: the Body Mechanics of Grandmaster William C.C.Chen.

She became a certified teacher in 2002 and received her master diploma in 2013.

Since 2000 Ceciel teaches weekly private students and groups, gives regular international workshops and is active as form - judge at international competitions.

Interested in tai chi chuan in general she studied and joined international meetings and workshops of many different styles.

She became member of the Dutch STN board committee (national tai chi chuan organisation) from 2008 till 2012 as head of judge policy and foreign contacts.

From 2011 till 2019 acting as Executive Committee member of the TCFE. (Tai Chi Federation Europe)

As a direct pupil of Grandmaster William CC Chen and his representative in Europe, she lectures annually on form and principles of his style in international judge ‘seminars.

This with a good knowledge of the form and internal principles in the lineage of Professor Cheng Man Ch'ing, from whom Grandmaster William Chen (1933) is one of the last living disciples.

Grandmaster William Chen is especially respected for his basic and open approach to tai chi chuan , his humour and great skill in tai chi sparring, boxing in which he still teaches.

It is an honour to represent him as an ambassador in this new international organisation.

For me, in our relatively non - violent Western society, tai chi chuan as a martial art gives more room for exploring personal inner conflicts. Developing into a balanced human being in any social environment is a challenge for which tai chi chuan practice can be a good guide.

In tai chi chuan competitions, a form must of course be performed correctly according to the style. During judging, also the personal expression within the style principles, the deeper knowledge and realisation of what the internal martial art can mean in one's own existence, has my interest. Especially when it goes beyond the borders, through cultures and traditions.

Therefore, I am grateful that the ITQF has invited me to experience and explore this further and to be an ambassador for this new and promising Federation.