The ITQF presently has an arrangement with Insure4Sport to use their Insurance facilities for our instructors. Please do not feel you are obligated in any way to use Insure4Sport, there are other insurers out there who will provide cover for you.

Please be aware that the insurance companies or brokers do not all provide the same level of cover.

Below is the link to click on to take you to the ITQF Insure4Sport webpage where you can check the details of cover and get a quote:-

Click here for ITQF Instructor Insurance (link to be inserted shortly)

The ITQF also provides Waiver documents for Instructors who might be teaching at Seminars where there is a 'Contact' element involved e.g. Martial Applications. These documents do not absolve you from making sure that you are properly covered on your insurance policy for these type of events.