Ged Hawley – Executive Committee, Treasurer

Ged has had a lifelong interest in martial arts training, starting with Shotokan Karate and later Shukokai Karate. Back in 1978, the chance to learn from one of the top KUGB exponents in the UK established a firm belief in good technique and learning the basics.

‘For me, it was always all about interrogating a movement or stance and being able to drill into the absolute essence of that style. But, I’d always wondered about the internal styles and Taiji in particular. At my first lesson nine years ago, when asked what motivated me to do Taiji, I answered, I’m here to figure what it’s all about, and I’m still working on it!’

Ged has been focused on Taiji for the last nine years, first with the White Crane Bamboo club learning the Cheng Man Ch’ing style, and then with West Herts Longfei Taijiquan and Yang style. Not satisfied with learning just the one style, Ged finds the contrast between the two styles challenging but helpful. With his sights firmly set on progressing in his form, Ged is now an Intermediate Instructor and sees teaching as an opportunity to challenge himself with the focus on continued learning.

Joining the Executive Committee of the ITQF is a further step in helping to share Taiji and Qigong with a society that wants better exercise options that more effectively address health and wellbeing at any age. Having spent his career in bank finance and treasury with a top tier UK bank, Ged additionally has skills and knowledge outside of Taiji that will be invaluable to the management of the organisation.

‘At the heart of it, I believe that Taiji and Qigong are on the cusp of growing quite rapidly in the UK. Having a federation that support this growth and development is going to be critical.’