Member Code of Conduct

Upon registration with the ITQF, you must agree to respect and abide by the following codes of conduct. The ITQF expect you to demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and qualities as you are representing Taiji and Qigong and the ITQF expect all interactions with members of the public, organisations, ITQF Members and Directors, whether face to face or online to be of a professional, kind and respectful nature for the benefit of all. The ITQF thank you for your support of these terms and conditions.

The obligations and responsibilities of all participants of ITQF, office bearers, members are as follows:

  1. To maintain the highest standards of conduct when interacting with the ITQF with dignity, integrity and respectfulness.
  2. Treat all with fairness, civility whilst promoting equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion, free from any form of discrimination, bullying, threatening or abusive behaviour, harassment, prejudice or cultural insensitivity
  3. Respect the diversity of opinions and viewpoints of all in all interactions with the ITQF, even when it differs from your own beliefs
  4. Be genuine and behave in an open, honest, fair and trustworthy manner in professional, academic and personal dealings and respect the confidentiality requirements of all
  5. Be a positive contributor to the ITQF when acting in a manner which supports the best interests of the ITQF’s overall mission, objectives, values and refrain from conduct which detracts from its reputation
  6. If you have a complaint regarding the ITQF in general or an individual, you agree to highlight it privately to an ITQF Executive Committee member so that the matter can be reviewed, and appropriate action taken
  7. Ensure that communication with the ITQF is measured, reasonable and professional and devoid of any derogatory comments of a personal nature
  8. Never utilise ITQF website or members forum for any unlawful purpose or to conduct unlawful activity
  9. Not to speak or comment on behalf of the ITQF or hold oneself as having authority to do so unless specifically requested or instructed or otherwise having obtained prior consent to do so from the ITQF Executive Committee
  10. Not to issue, whether via email, phone, SMS, social media or similar platform, any malicious, inflammatory, critical, defamatory, abusive or threatening messages or statements in relation to the ITQF that are intended to harm, embarrass and injure others
  11. Abide by the ITQF’s constitution and any conflict of interest guidelines or other policies and codes as may be issued or updated from time to time

If the ITQF feels that your behaviour or actions do not meet the above guidelines, then the ITQF reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time at their discretion and remove your profile from the ITQF website where appropriate.

Membership renewal terms

  1. Initial membership of the ITQF commences from the day on which membership payment is received, for one calendar year. The month in which the payment is made will be considered the first month of membership. Any changes to this is under the discretion of the ITQF Board.
  2. Renewal of membership will be processed upon receipt of the renewal payment and will be back-dated to the date on which membership expired. You will be notified no later than 30 days prior to renewal.
  3. Notification will be made via e-mail and will include the invoice and / or a link to an online renewal application.
  4. Payment for renewal can be made online, via direct debit, standing order, bank transfer or cheque.
  5. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the ITQF is notified of any change in contact details.
  6. Should we receive no formal termination or renewal payment during the renewal period of up to 45 days after the renewal date, the ITQF will assume that the membership is no longer required.
  7. Beyond the 45 days grace period referred to above, the ITQF will require a new application for membership.
  8. During the period of non-renewal any member will cease to have access to the benefits that membership entitles, unless the ITQF Board determines otherwise, in its absolute discretion.
  9. Voting rights will be suspended for as long as payment remains outstanding.


Privacy and conduct

The ITQF privacy policy is made available on the ITQF web-site.

As an ITQF member you agree:

  • not to share personal data to any third party without the prior consent of that individual
  • not to attempt to “scrape” the personal data within the membership directory for your personal or business use
  • not to spam or use personal data in a manner that may be deemed inappropriate
  • not to imply the ITQFs permission or collaboration in your communication

Should you wish to share information that you may feel is relevant to all or certain members, please liaise with the ITQF membership team in the first instance to discuss an appropriate approach.