Translators Note:

Lu Ta-lus classic essay on Master Wu Kung Yi and the Wu-Chen fight was first published in 1971, just

after Master Wu Kung Yi passed away. It was reprinted in 1986, following the release of Fei-ho or Flying

Crane, a modern day martial arts film made for the overseas Chinese audience, in order to explain the

significance of a documentary film clip of the famous Wu-Chen fight, which was featured in this film.

Chen Ke-fu who was then around sixty, starred in this film.

Since 1971, much has happened to the Wu family. After the Cultural Revolution, Master Wu Kung Cho,

the younger son of Master Wu Chien Chuan, was finally allowed to leave China and rejoin the Wu family

in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong he was busy revising and updating his famous classic on Wu Family Tai

Chi Chuan originally published in 1935. A revised edition was reissued in 1980, and again in 1982 with

photographs of both Master Wu Kung Yi and Master Wu Chien Chuan. Master Wu Kung Cho passed

away in Hong Kong in 1983. Master Wu Ying Hua, the only daughter of Master Wu Chien Chuan, who

with her husband Master Ma Yueh Liang had been directing the Shanghai Chien Chuan Tai Chi Chuan

Association, passed away in Shanghai in June of this year (1996). Master Wu Tai Kwei, the eldest son of

Master Wu Kung Yi, who was instrumental in helping spread Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan to other parts of

Asia, including Singapore, Macau, the Philippines and Japan, passed away in 1970, and Master Wu Tai

Chi, Kung Yis youngest son, took over from him. Master Wu Tai Chi opened branch associations in

Malaysia and in 1975 went to Canada in response to invitations from numerous overseas Chinese

groups to establish a Chien chuan Tai Chi Chuan Branch Association in Canada. In 1976, Master Wu Tai

Chi returned to Hing Kong and turned over the branch association that he had established to Master Wu

Tai Kweis eldest son, Sifu Wu Kwong Yu. Sifu Wu Kwong Yu or Eddie Wu, as he is known in the West, is

the fifth generation master in the direct lineage and currently directs the Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan in

North America and Europe. The North American headquarters are situated in Toronto, Canada. Master

Wu Tai Chi passed away in 1993, and presently Master Wu Kung Yis daughter, Master Wu Yan Hsia,

together with her husband Master Kwok Hsiao Jong direct the Hong Kong Chien Chuan Tai Chi Chuan

Associations headquarters at Jordon Road; while Master Wu Tai Sin, Master Wu Kung Chos younger

son, directs the Hong Kong branch association which has moved to Moreton Terrace

On October 14 and 15, 1995, the First International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Convention was held at the

Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. More than one hundred and seventy Wu stylists from all over the

world, including ten delegates from Hawaii, participated in this momentous event which featured six

generations of the Wu Family. An international Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation was formed to

facilitate the sharing and exchange of information and expertise, including future books and videos of the

Wu Family.