After 1961 business daily expanded. Thereupon Master Wu Kung Yi bought the penthouse of Bowen

Mansion on Jordan Road to be the permanent association’s office and moved the headquarters to

Kowloon. He changed the Lockhart Road premises into a branch association, letting his daughter Master

Wu Yan Hsia and her husband Master Kwok Hsiao Jong be the head teachers there. He and Master Wu

Tai Chi travelled to the Singapore branch association, and he and Master Wu Tai Kwei took turns

teaching in the two branch associations. Later, he resided more in Hong Kong, because the fourth

generation, Master Wu Tai Kwei, Master Wu Tai Chi and Master Wu Tai Sin were able to comfortably

handle the teaching responsibilities of their respective territories.

The headmaster of the White Crane School, Wu Chao-chung, who was Chen Ke-fus master, died the

year before last (1969); and Master Wu Kung Yi, the third generation in the direct lineage of the Wu

Family Tai Chi Chuan masters passed away December 5th of last year (1970). The martial arts world will

mourn the loss of these two distinguished masters. The fourth generation of the Wu Family Tai Chi

Chuan Master Wu Tai Kwei, Master Wu Tai Chi, Master Wu Yan Hsia and Master Wu Tai Sin now

continue to carry on Master Wu Kung Yi’s efforts to spread and popularize Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan.

Master Yang Cheng-fu and Master Wu Chien Chuan first went to Beijing and then on to Shanghai

promoting the art of Tai Chi Chuan. The two of them participated on the same stage in a martial arts

exhibition for charity. Both men were dressed in long gowns, poised and elegant, first joining hands, then

Pushing Hands in place, then mutually exchanging energy, one asking, the other answering, rising and

falling, attacking and defending, advancing and retreating, the two men seemed like the spirited dragon

and the tiger playing in never-ending harmony, so that it would seem that you could watch them forever.

In Tai Chi Pushing Hands, when great martial artists meet, just as one cannot recite an essay well in one

breath, the better the exhibition, the more refined; the more refined, the better the exhibition. In this

exhibition, from beginning to end, the two men were light-spirited, and each attack and defense was

done with a light heart, each showing his respectful intent. During the thunderous applause that followed,

they smiled at each other, happy and basking in the glow of this moment that they would remember