The Martial Arts Association disbanded until the Japanese surrender

Hong Kong was under siege for three years and eight months. Thereupon, the Japanese surrendered

and Hong Kong was delivered from oppression. Master Wu Kung Yi immediately returned to Hong Kong

and re-established the Chien-Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Association at Lockhart Road. Although the teachers

and students had demobilized, the overseas disciples soon grew more numerous than before. After

demobilization, because many of the high-ranking military officials were former disciples, they invited

Master Wu Kung Yi to go to Canton to teach.

From that time on Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan flourished in Hong Kong. However, who could have

imagined that after two years, the Chinese mainland would be liberated, and Master Wu Kung Yi and the

rest of the family in Hong Kong would lose contact with Master Wu Kung Cho who remained in China.

Year after year, the numbers of people studying Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan in Hong Kong grew, and Wu

Family Tai Chi Chuan became extremely popular, even more that it had been formerly in Beijing,

Shanghai, Nanking and Hunan.

The Big Fight in Macau

Master Wu Kung Yi’s name had become well known. The fight was provoked by Chen Ke-fu in Hong

Kong. Chen Ke-fu was a White Crane person of the hard-style school, which was a different school of

fighting than Master Wu Kung Yi. It is said that he "encroached on Master Wu Kung Yi’s territory and

provoked the fight". At that time there were people who argued that Master Wu Kung Yi did not have to

contest with a person of a different school and of a different generation; but even so, he had no choice

but to fight, so Master Wu Tai Kwei went to the arena to handle it. Master Wu Kung Yi could have

mentioned this to Chen Ke-fu, but since Chen Ke-fu had singled out his name, he was forced to fight

with him. Finally, Master Wu Kung Yi assented.

This was in 1953; but it was not until January 17, 1954, that an exhibition context was arranged.

However, since even cricket contests were against the law in Hong Kong, they moved the site of the

contest to Master Wu Tai Kwei to the Hsin-hua Park, where they had set up a platform. Under the

auspices of the famous Ho Hsien of Macau, funds from the sales of tickets were to benefit charities such

as the Ching-hu Hospital

Because this fight had been brewing for so long, the people in Hong Kong and Macau were greatly

excited. The people from Hong Kong who went to Macau to see the contest filled all the hotels. The

​tickets had been sold out very early on. At that time, the head of the group that judged the contest was

Ho Hsiend. The rest all were famous persons in the martial arts work, such as Tung Ying-chieh, Liu Fa-

meng, Li Chieng-chin and Ta Yin-kuang. They had established a six-round fight, each round lasting five

minutes. In the opinion of most, since Master Wu Kung Yi was believed to be close to sixty years of age

and Chen Ke-fu around thirty and fighting in the fierce Shaolin style, they were afraid that Master Wu

Kung Yi would take a beating. Who, however would take a beating in the end? Everyone eagerly awaited

the fight.