Grandfather and Grandson, Fathers and Sons, engage in different pursuits

When Master Wu Chien Chuan went to Shanghai, he took with him his beloved grandson, Master Wu Tai

​Kwei, who was the eldest son of Master Wu Kung Yi. He was very young, barely ten years old, but had

been taught Tai Chi Chuan by his grandfather from childhood. Because Master Wu Chien Chuan wanted

to teach him more, when Master Wu Chien Chuan took his art south, he took his grandson along with

him. They lived in the Ching-Wu Sports Association, and Master Wu Chien Chuan started teaching Tai

Chi Chuan in Shanghai. Then the Tai Chi Chuan participants at the Ching-Wu Association began to grow

in numbers.

After a time the Chung-yang National Martial Arts Academy of Nanking was formed. Chang Chih-chiang

was headmaster and Li Ching-lin and Chu Min-Yi were assistants. When Chu Ming-Yi was in Beijing, he

had studied Tai Chi Chuan at the Chien Chuan Association. Since he knew that Master Wu Chien Chuan

was at the Shanghai Ching-Wu Association, he thereupon issued an invitation from the National Martial

Arts Academy, inviting him to direct Tai Chi Chuan teaching in Nanking. After initiating national martial

arts contest, he invited Master Wu Chien Chuan to adjudicate.

The Old and Young leave and Family scatters

The war of resistance against Japan started and Beijing fell. Master Wu Kung Yi closed the Tai Chi

Chuan Association and fled with his wife and family to Chang-sha; and Master Wu Chien Chuan, who

was in Nanking at that time, brought Master Tai Kwei to Hong Kong. After he arrived in Hong Kong, he

formed the Chien Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Association at Lockhart Road, teaching disciples and waiting for

the family members in Chang Sha to arrive in Hong Kong.

After Chang-sha engaged in the war, Master Wu Kung Yi and Master Wu Kung Cho left Chang-sha and

went to Hong Kong with their wives and children, and the family was once again reunited. At that time,

the Chien Chuan Tai Chi Chuan Association had many disciples. Master Wu Chien Chuan was head of

the school, and Master Wu Kung Yi and Master Wu Kung Cho assisted him. After a period of time,

Master Wu Kung Cho left Hong Kong to develop a Tai Chi Chuan Association in Guangzhou and Macau

And after another period of time, when Master Wu Chien Chuan was seventy year old and Hong Kong

had just been captured, Master Wu Chien Chuan left Hong Kong for Shanghai and unexpectedly died

there. At this time Master Wu Kung Yi and Master Wu Tai Kwei fled to Master Wu Tai Kwei and taught

pupils at the Association there.