The fight began and chen Ke-fu braced himself for the challenge. First selecting a position for attack, he

launched into "Leopard Links Hands" of the Lohan set, concentrating closely on Master Wu Kung Yi’s

entering strike, forcing him toward the ropes. However, in his great haste, he gave Master Wu Kung Yi an

opening to shift, block, and strike, hitting chen on the nose, causing it to bleed, staining Chen’s white

outfit. At this the head judge Ho Hsien got worried and immediately sounded the bell ending the round.

During the rest period Ho Hsien went over to see if Chen Ke-fus bleeding had subsided, and then asked

him if he still wished to continue the contest. Chen Ke-fu pointed out that nose bleeds were a common

occurrence in Western boxing and that it really was not important. So after a five minute rest, the second

round began.

As soon as the second round started, Chen Ke-fu immediately put into effect an attack strategy, walking

in a coiling step making a half-circle and striking out at Master Wu Kung Yi’s kidney region with the

"Wrapping Up with Silk" of the White Crane style. However, Master Wu Kung Yi, who was not really

injured, turned around, and feinting with his left hand, struck out with his right in the "Fist Under Elbow

Punch" strike to Chen Ke-fus chest region. Following a struggle, he struck Chen Ke-fu solid blows to his

wrist and arms, immediately causing Chen Ke-fu to lose the ability to fight with his right arm, so he

raised his leg toward Master Wu Kung Yi to topple him. Master Wu Kung Yi felt that Chen’s raising his

leg violated the rules, and repaying him in kind, use "Left Separate Leg", toward Chen in retaliation.

Seeing this situation and realizing that the two people were already fired up, several of the judges feared

that if they continued there would be a mishap. Thus the head judge sounded the bell, stopping the fight,

although they had only completed one minute of the round. The judges immediately conferred, and then

declared that the contest had been settled. Obeying the judges orders, Wu and Chen immediately

ceased the fight, shook hands and left the ring.

In view of its intent as a fundraiser, a clear victor was not necessary. Thus, after returning to Hong Kong,

both camps held celebration banquets. When the Tai Chi people celebrated that evening, they went to

invite Chen Ke-fu and his people to attend; and when the White Crane people celebrated that evening,

they went to invite Master Wu Kung Yi to attend. They both declared that the celebration was not a

victory celebration, but was to celebrate the success of the fund-raising effort for the Ching-hu Hospital.